Founder and President

Tara was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and relocated almost two decades ago to Los Angeles. Her love for animals and an active lifestyle were a perfect fit and in 2008, she founded Hot Dog On A Run. Since then, Tara and Team Hot Dog have grown and developed Hot Dog On A Run into the most well respected pet care company in the area.


Pet Care Pro

Joining the team in 2016, Karlee has been passionate about dogs her entire life. If she's not at the dog beach with her two pups, then you can probably find her hiking or helping coordinate rescues. The passion she feels for dogs is unmatched by anything else, and she couldn't imagine not working with them on a daily basis!

Samantha J

Pet Care Pro

Joining the team in 2015, Samantha started as a full time walker, who next transitioned to serve as the company's Office Manager until she began attending Southwestern Law full time. Luckily, she still gets to spend quality time with pups occasionally while dog sitting or filling in at the office! She would like to give a special shout out to fluff ball Sera, who has been her #1 pup since day one!

Samantha A

Office/ Pet Care Pro

Born and raised in New York, new to LA as of summer 2016. Back in Long Island she worked part time at an animal hospital/rescue as a certified vet tech assistant. In Samantha's future she wants to go back to school to become a zoologist. Until then she'll be walking doggies!


Pet Care Pro

Hailing from the Antelope Valley and joining the team in 2017, Paul grew up caring for an array of different animals which made him truly see and appreciate the unique and special bond between us and man’s best friend. Along with dogs his love for music is what drives him to inspire others to come together. With a strong passion for life and an all or nothing mentality, he brings his A game to whatever comes his way and the dogs love him for it.




Pet Care Pro



Office / Pet Care Pro

Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Estee has been involved with pets since her childhood, including as a volunteer at a number of animal shelters in South Florida. A natural dog whisperer, she has been with the company since 2014. She is currently proud mom to miss Minnie, pictured above, who also holds an important role as one of our dog socialization experts!

Jenny G.

Pet Care Pro


Jenny was born and raised in Los Angeles and developed a love for animals at an early age. She joined the Hot Dog team in 2018 and has grown close with many of our pack members since. She is an expert on the area and loves to get down to the beach whenever traffic permits it.


Pet Care Pro


Jimmy was born and raised New York City, but could not resist our California sunshine, beautiful beaches, forest trails, and endless coastal communities. He is a big dog lover and has always been surrounded by them growing up. He is also an advid music lover and DJ!


Account Services


Tracey has been with Hot Dog on a Run since the end of 2013. She currently works part time serving as the company's accounting pro while going back to school to become a Registered Veterinarian Technician. Dogs and canine behavior are her passion and she has 3 rescue dogs of her own.