Dog Walking Services

Basic Dog Walk
Designed to give your dog some high quality outdoor time in our beautiful LA weather, our solo or group dog walks with our pet care pros will take your pet through one or more neighborhood areas. When we return your pup home, we will even refill their water bowl.

  • 15 minute potty walk = $22 (+ $5 per additional pet)

  • 30 minute walk = $27 (+ $5 per additional pet)

  • 45 minute walk = $33 (+ $7 per additional pet)

  • 60 minute walk = $38 (+ $10 per additional pet)

"Gucci Poochie", "Sunset Strip Rock Walk", "Canyon Hikes" are just some of the many variations of fun days that your pooch can experience with us and other dogs. Dog park visits? Sure! Whatever the journey, every day brings another great adventure that is sure to give your dog new and exciting experiences for lasting memories. 

  • $46 for a minimum of 90 minutes of activity (+ $15 per additional pet)

Socialization Walks
Have a dog that is anxious or shy around other dogs? Then our group socialization walks are just the ticket. We utilize techniques that allow your dog to be introduced to other dogs in a safe and fun manner, while also providing your pet with a fun and vigorous group walk around various Los Angeles neighborhoods.

  • Starting at $50 for one dog.


Pet Boarding

Sitter's Home
Cage-free overnight dog boarding at a sitter's house is the closest thing to your pet being at home. This services includes complimentary pet taxi (for stays of 2 or more consecutive nights), several daily walks, feeding, treats, and plenty of personal time, affection and attention. Rates start at:

  • 1st dog = $65 per night

  • 2nd dog + $22 per night

  • 3rd dog + $17 per night


Additional Services

Pet Taxi
If you aren't available to take your dog to the vet or groomer, let us help. Rates are available upon request. 

Poop Scoop
As an add-on to your scheduled dog walk or other service, let us help keep your yard clean and safe for your pets and family members. Rates start at $5 per visit.

Please inquire.