Thank you for making application for the Scheduler / Office Manager position with Hot Dog On A Run. This practicum will test your ability to complete a complex task, specifically developing a daily schedule of service and assigning employees to complete those services.   

For purposes of the exercise, we will pretend that today is Monday and it is 5 pm. We have now received most of the service requests for tomorrow, Tuesday. The map (link provided below) shows the locations of the homes for the pets that we will be providing service for tomorrow.  The map also shows the locations for the office, as well as the locations for the one adventure walk, identified as Canyon Hike. The map also provides a road closure that you will need to consider when planning the duty schedule.

The excel spreadsheet provided in the Service Requests link below provides the name of the pet and the specific service that each requires, along with time parameters for this service. Please pay special attention to the additional info column.

Five employees are available to work tomorrow and their availability and other important information is provided on the other excel spreadsheet.

Your task it to review all of the information and create an efficient schedule for the pets and the employees.  You have two hours to complete the scheduling task and keep in mind that there is always the possibility of clients adding, cancelling or changing services overnight. There is also the possibility of employees changing their availability at the last minute.

When you have completed the duty schedule, please upload it to the appropriate area below.  Thanks again and good luck!


When you have completed the schedule for the day, please email to